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What is a Crypto Faucet?

A Faucet is a reward system from which small amounts of bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency (known as satoshis) can be obtained. A satoshi is the smallest of the units of account of a cryptocurrency. These rewards are given to users after taking a certain action. For example, solving captchas, playing games, or just watching ads.

How does a Crypto faucet work?

The Crypto Faucets all operate in practically the same way. Its operation is mainly based on solving simple tasks and participating in established activities. Thanks to these activities, cryptocurrencies can be obtained periodically. In the case of EarnCoin.Club you only have to solve a captcha and wait 3 reloads every X seconds (depending on the cryptocurrency the waiting period between each reload will vary).


Happy Users by winning cryptocurrencies in a simple way with our faucets.


Payments sent direct to the ExpressCrypto & FaucetPay accounts of our users without extra commissions.


Cryptocurrencies available so you can choose between any of them.


Referrals with a 25% compensation plan.


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Top Features

We are working hard to provide you with the best experience in each of our faucets!

Highest Rates

We always try to keep our payment rates in each cryptocurrency as high as possible so that you can always benefit.

Referral System

Our referral system gives you the opportunity to earn 25% for life for every referral you have.

Daily Ranking

The more you use our site, your daily rank increases in ExpressCrypto & FaucetPay!

Instant payments

All the cryptocurrencies you earn will go directly to your ExpressCrypto & FaucetPay account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily earnings limit?

There are no limits! You can leave the browser window open and win satochis automatically on each reload as long as you want.

The payments are Instant?

Yes! you will Instant receive your payments in your ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay account (in the latter case, if FaucetPay accepts the cryptocurrency you are claiming).

How does the referral system work?

By copying and sharing your referral link, you will earn 25% lifetime of the earnings generated by each person who claims satiochis on this website using their referral link. Earnings from your referrals will automatically go to your ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay account (as applicable). You can see at all times the total number of referrals you have in the "Total Referrers" section at the top of this page.

Can I use multiple accounts and claim satochis with each of them on this website?

No! You can only use one account to claim satoshis, if we detect that you are using multiple accounts, your username and IP will be banned permanently. It will also be banned permanently if we detect that it uses bots or some atomization system to obtain greater benefits from our website.

Any other questions or suggestions?

If you have questions related to the site, errors, lack of payment, suggestions for the website, you want to advertise on our website, etc., write to us by email ([email protected]).