Bitcoin Whales: What position have they taken after the Twitter hack?

In the past two days, several things have happened recently. For example, the Whale Alert account on Twitter went several hours without reporting yesterday’s movements caused by anti-piracy measures taken by the social network. Instead, it will continue to report through Telegram.

Between the time of the hack and the time of writing this post, the Bitcoin whales identified eight transactions. Of these eight operations, five were accumulated in unknown wallets, while two introduced liquidity in Binance and Bitstamp, and one of them was carried out between exchanges.

Bitcoin whales collected 12,570 BTC and brought 3,100 BTC to the affected exchanges. Finally, the movement between exchanges was 2,000 BTC. Therefore, the total mobilized was 17,760 BTC.

Between July 15 and today, BTC lost approximately 1.13% of its value, going from US $ 9,247.99 to US $ 9,157.97. However, the latter represents a recovery of 0.17% compared to yesterday, when Bitcoin touched $ 9,000 again.

It is in this context that all the previously described and described Bitcoin Whale activities occurred. Either way, this could have pushed prices up, but the truth is, many people still associate piracy with Twitter as directly tied to BTC.

What were the real consequences?

In this case, BTC was exactly what they stole, the failed security channel was Twitter, and it is currently working to track the amount of BTC stolen by hackers. The attack may have damaged Bitcoin’s public perception, but the fact that the market is barely reacting is a positive sign.

The bitcoin he got for hacking was around $ 120,000, a small fraction of BTC’s market capitalization: $ 168 million. However, we will keep you informed and inform you of any news that may arise on this subject.

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